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Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Latest Mischief of Little Bear

Our Little Bear...
never a dull moment. His energy is ceaseless.
His talent for mischief remarkable.

I was getting ready one morning this week, in my most hurried try to get a little make-up on, pull your hair back in a pony tail, and put on some deodorant, before the house burns down from your inattention.

I left Justus on the porch at the art table with some Play-Doh, happy. I realized he'd been there for a while, for him, and went in search of him. He wasn't on the porch, and I started the room-to-room sweep, calling his name loudly. There was no answer. But I did find him in the kids bathroom.
Like this.
The water in the toilet was very pink from a canister full of pink Play-Doh. This sent a shot of panic through me, because one of his favorite things to do is flush the toilet. If he had flushed Play-Doh down the toilet, my mind flashed to a plumbing bill that would have us eating Ramen noodles for a month.
But God was with us. He had not flushed. Miracle! However, there was a lot of Play-Doh to be fished out of the toilet, and odds are, before that water was pink, it was yellow. Emma and Jax aren't the best flushers. So I had no desire to get my arm into that potty up to my elbow, just before we were due to leave the house. So Justus had to fish it all out himself. I'm not sure he minded. This was his idea of fun, evidently. As you can see in the picture he had already gone through a roll of toilet paper on the floor, so he was having a BIG time!
The Play-Doh was retrieved, and I was saved from swimming in the nasty toilet. All in all, the damage was minimal. He did get a spanking, but then I pulled out the camera for this pic. However, I gave my sternest face and voice while clicking away. This may be one of my poorest parenting moments, but if we can't laugh from the constant mischief of the Little Brown Bear, I could lose my mind.
The key to parenting toddlers: laughter!


Melodi said...

ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMEN!!!!!!!

Kathryn Berilla said...

Oh I love it...

I also love that I am on the tail end of potty incidents (no pun intended)

Alex was so facinated with it and a plumber was actually called once. I threw away the train that was retrieved!!!

Arlene said...

man, little Justus sure does LOVE the toilet!!! i bet you'd be a millionaire if you got a dollar for everytime he's gotten into mischief with it ;)

freemans4jc said...

I love watching my future Cubbies!

You mothers who still have these young ones getting into mischief are so blessed.

I so miss those days with Sydni and the boys.

I know you probably don't feel exactly blessed in the midst, hang on, those days are gone so very quickly.

And keep blogging, what a wonderful way to capture those memories.

Justus is precious, even with his little hands all in the toilet.