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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Cowboy, an Indian, and Tinkerbell

After we decided on a cowboy and an indian for the boys, Rusty really wanted to go with a Village People theme...but I shot that one down.

Emma was Tinkerbell, but when someone asked her if she was a princess, she looked at them with utter disghust, like "No! I'm Tinkerbell! Come on!"

We had a house full of fun last night. We had our awesome HOPE group over. Erik won the prize for most frightening (which I'm not sure should receive a prize, scary man! The girls were ready to call 911 when you came in!) Michelle and Erin receive the most creative prize, as they came as ceiling fans. Not literally...they were fans (like Aggie fans) with pom-poms and such, they did a cheer...it's hard to explain but kudos to Katy St. John and Heather for getting it.

Some kind of prize goes to Aaron for most scuzzy. He came as Joe Dirt, and although I didn't know who that was, he looked stinkin' hilarious. Like straight from a trailer in rural Kentucky. It was good.

Heather and I win prizes because we were Moms who dressed up in addition to getting a slew of children dressed in costumes. Yea for us!

Taylor Joy Duty gets the prize for the cutest little thing ever! She was Pebbles Flintstone, and it was perfect! So glad you came Dutys!

What a fun Halloween you guys! Thanks for sharing it with us.


Kathryn Berilla said...

How cute.

Alex and Michael were cowboys and indians last year.

Yeah Pebbles, that is what I was this year. Something about the red hair, you just gotta do it!

So what were you and Rusty dressed as?

Jennifer Bacak said...

I was a doll, and Rusty was a cowboy. Both of us had these items in our closet, which was great. I had a costume leftover from college, and Rusty actually owned the rest.
This post would have been really great had I posted pictures of all the people mentioned. However, things were insane, and my memory card was full on my camera! It would have paid to be better prepared.