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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Being A Mom

First of all, Happy Mother's Day to my Mom, Cindy, and Rusty's Mom, Bernadette. Where would we be had we not been mothered by you?
Mom, I know I am truly blessed as a woman to have had a Godly Mother modeled before my eyes everyday. I still go to you when I need wisdom, because I know it is grounded in the Word. What a gift!

As for me, I don't know that I have anything to say that is not cliche about Mother's Day. I guess I just wanted to convey how much I LOVE being a Mom! This is my chosen full-time profession, and I am being dead honest when I say there's nothing else I'd rather do! Being a Mom to Emma, Jax, Justus, and Treston brings me such joy. Being "busy at home" as Titus 2 puts it, truly is our calling. I know that's not a popular idea, and I'm grateful for a pastor who will say it, and also a Dad who said it from the pulpit recently. I don't feel under valued because I have a husband who encourages and praises me. I don't feel unfulfilled because I know this is a high and sacred calling. What I do is of eternal value. I don't want to miss a single moment of it. I don't feel unstimulated because I have my smart little students who are challenging me to learn and be a better teacher! (I can't believe how much I learned in Kindergarten!!! Don't laugh! Do you know what the only mammal is that lays eggs? Emma does.) Now of course, there are days I feel tired. There are days I feel frustrated. Thankfully, my feelings don't rule who I am. Mostly, I just feel overwhelmingly grateful. This is my dream profession, and I'm living the dream! Thank you God!


Melodi said...

Happy Mother's Day! In the words of a song I love, "You're a beautiful model of a P-31!" (that's Proverbs 31, of course) I love you and your family!! They are blessed to have you.

Emma, is it a duck-bill platypus?

bekah said...

Sweet Jenn-

Happy Mother's Day!

Thank you for opening your home.

Thank you for shepherding us girls.

Thank you so much for your quiet, gentle spirit that is sweet, convicting and healing all at the same time.

You truly are a beautiful example of Proverbs 31.

Love you,

aggie07 said...

Happy Mother's Day Jenn!! Thank you so much for everything you do. I could never tell you how thankful I am for you and your wonderful family. I love you!!

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Happy Mothers Day Jenn.
What a gift to your children to be raised by such a woman of prayer.
It is truly my joy and honor to pray with you.


P.S. Emma, Michael and I were just talking about the duck bill platypus...I was telling Michael that Adam named all of the animals and he asked why Adam would call it a platypus.
I could not answer, what do you think?

Jennifer Bacak said...

Melodi, of course you would get it right! That's why you're the teacher I run to!!!
Bekah and Amanda, you girls are so sweet! Bekah, we're sure going to miss you this summer, while you're wandering around Europe having a good time. Don't forget my postcard!!
Kathryn,I hope your Mother's Day was sweet. You are such a wonderful and Godly Mom! Your boys are unbelievably blessed.

Kim said...

I could not agree more with this post! Excellent! This is exactly how I feel, too!