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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Quick!!! I Need Vacation Reading...

Rusty and I are so excited to be vacationing soon. We are headed to Camp Ozark for our yearly nature adventure. Of course, I will keep you updated with stories and pictures this year of the Fearless Emma, capable of awe-inspiring feets on the ropes course and zip line, crazy hole-in-the-wall places we will eat at on the way there and back, and the ultimate adventure...sleeping a family of six in a one-room cabin. It will be wonderful!
But I am in desperate need of some really good vacation reading, and I need your book suggestions.
I want fiction. I don't want any book that's going to make me think hard, or make my life better. Those are the books to read during my real life, not my vacation life. I really enjoy Christian fiction, like Francine Rivers. What is wrong with that woman? Why can't she write faster? I don't think I've had a new book from her in years! She would definitely be my favorite.
Anyone have a good recommendation that I could run to the library and grab? I don't want to take a gamble at the library, and end up with a stinky book. I like to do a lot of late-night reading by flashlight while at Camp Ozark. It will totally make my week! Help!


bekahgrace said...

Anything by Jane Austen, which I'm sure you know.

John Piper is good, but then again not fiction really.

So you want something breezy, fun, light... hmmm.

Liz Curtis Higgs.
Along the lines of Francine Rivers.
Get something by her.

Thats all I got.

have lots of fun!


Arlene said...

let me introduce you to Kristin Billerbeck!! she's hilarious, easy, fiction!! i'm pretty sure she's a Christian author...I read all of her stuff a few years back! here's her website to look over:

have a blast at ozark!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn-

Laurie Mounce here. Girl, this is totally my kind of question. I LOVE to read! If you are looking for thriller/suspense, check out Robert Whitlow (kinda like the John Grisham of Christian Fiction) or Dee Henderson. Terri Blackstock is also great.

Now for straight fiction, I agree, Kristin Billerbeck is fun and so is Laura Jensen Walker as is Judy Baer. Also try to find Balancing Act by Kimberly Stuart. Very cute!

We are so blessed to have a great public library system that carries Christian fiction here in Houston.

Have a great trip! Go Caddo! ( I know, Rusty was an Osage)


Melodi said...

Have you read Janette Oke's Christian fiction? I love those. They are set in the 1800's, I believe, and are so, so good.

aggie07 said...

I think I saw some of Janette Oak's books as movies on Netflix...Not 100% sure though...

Jennifer Bacak said...

Y'all are awesome! I've already reserved one of each of your recommendations from the library!
Good to hear from you Laurie!!!
I passed on the "Go Caddo" remark to Rusty, and his direct quote was "Them there are fightin' words." We are looking forward to Ozark!
Melodi,I've also read a ton of Janette Oak in my time. Especially in my teen years. I always enjoyed her.
Thanks you guys! I am so looking forward to reading your recommendations!

Melodi said...

Oh my goodness, yes, there are movies of Janette Oke's books. They are produced by Michael Landon's son. Kathy Casares recommended them to me, but I forgot about them until one came on t.v. this week. It was amazing!!!! "Love's Enduring Promise." So good.

aggie07 said...

I will have to netflix them then!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenn-- You know me, I have to agree that anything by Jane is good and I am losing patience with FR, too! Abi talked me into this Redemption Series by K. Kisgsbury and G. Smalley. I thought it was nothing like FR, but I did cry through the entire last half of the frist book. They are quick to read, so you will need at least 3 for CO. I am sad when you go without me! I think we are going middle of June...miss you!

Anonymous said...

I also recommend the Redemption Series. They are so great and I got them all from the library.