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Monday, May 07, 2007

Taking Action!

May 6th has come and gone. Hallelujah!
Sunday marked the end of a waiting period for us with Treston. It feels good to be on this side of May 6th. It's a day that's been circled on my calendar for months.
Many of you have asked me where we are with this adoption. My answer has had to be "waiting." There was a waiting period that had to take place before any legal action could be taken.
We waited.
Now we are ready to take action! We want to make what we already feel to be true, about Treston being our baby, a legal reality!
Pray for New Life's lawyer, who will be representing us. We have already seen God move; as Rusty prayed and fasted about this, God gave him the name of a patient of his who is a lawyer, experienced in family law. Rusty actually saved this man's life once, so we called in a favor. (He was in his early 30's with no risk factors for heart disease, and had come in with some chest pain. Rusty decided to check into it more, despite his age, and found a 90% blockage. The next day he had major bypass surgery. It's awesome when God speaks to your doctor!) This lawyer has been advising New Life's lawyer, and they decided to move the proceedings to OUR county! We are excited about this, because we have heard the judges are more conservative here and apt to move quickly, and we won't have to drive all over the world to attend the court proceedings.
We believe God already has a judge for us. We know He knows the outcome, but we are called to PRAY. So again, I'm asking you to pray also. Unless you have been through this, it's hard to imagine. But going to court to let someone else decide if your baby can stay with you is a strange thing. It can be very scary. We have clung to Phil. 4:6-7, as it says "Don't worry about anything. Instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. And then the peace that passes all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus." We cannot worry, we can only pray, and be thankful for the amazing things He has done in Treston's life already.
The Adoption Party will be joyous! The Baby Dedication will be so sweet! Writing his new name will be fun! Please pray with us for this to come to pass, and for all of the details. Legal proceedings can be a mess, and lengthy! We are praying against that.
Some of you have asked about the details of Treston's situation, or even Justus'. I may have awkwardly evaded your question. I'm not always good at that, because I am naturally a forthcoming person. But let me tell you why...these boys have stories behind their adoptions. They have birthmothers, and birthfathers. I understand that people are curious about this. But these are their stories to tell. Some of the facts they may wish to keep private, and I'm not going to spill it to everyone we know, every person we chit-chat with in Target for that matter, for their sake. It's not that I don't trust you with this information, it's just not fair to them. As adoptive parents, we need to be discreet. I have not really explained that publicly, but I hope that makes sense. The real story is God had a plan for their lives. He picked them up and planted them in the family he knew from the beginning of time would be theirs. It grants us all a greater understanding of being adopted as Christians, as the Bible puts it. It is a true picture of the gospel story, living and breathing in our family.
Thanks for your prayers! We treasure them. We're going to make this boy a Bacak!!!


Hendrick Family said...

praying, praying!!

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Always praying for you and how sweet that I get to pray for this baby to be yours!!

Erin said...

Definitely praying!!!!

Anonymous said...

All over this in prayer! I'm learning just how lengthy and stressful this process can be while I'm working for a family law attorney myself...I'm going to pray against that and pray for the best judge out there! God's hand in already in this...but I will also pray for peace and strength for you & Rusty! Much love!

Halei said...

I'll be praying too!

Jon, Sally, & Jude said...

We're praying.
Your boys will (Lord-willing) one day be men and will be thankful for the way you respected them and their story even though they were just children!
Praise the Lord for adoption! Praise the Lord for His love!!

aggie07 said...

I am so excited that I get to see this happen! You know I am praying. Yay for adoption!!!

CeCe said...

Being an adoptive parent through CPS...I know the waiting game and the absolute craziness attached with the judges, workers, court, etc...but when it is done you will have a HUGE weight off of your shoulders. And we will rejoice with you!!! I am sooooo thankful that I had a hard nosed judge (who was very fair but knew that our birth mom had 4 KIDS taken from her so she sure didn't need to the ride the system for 18 months!), a Christian CPS worker, and our wonderful agency. Our adoption went through at what CPS says was RECORD timing. (No, it was God's timing!)

Praise God he will be yours soon!


Melodi said...

You know I understand completely and will be praying for a quick and final adoption.

texasmcvays said...

Yeah! Pray continually....You guys are awesome trailblazers! This day is too much for me first I learn about Meoldi and now you guys hooray for God!

Jennifer Bacak said...

Yes, we cannot waiver in praying for Danny, Dawn, and Danaya as well! I always think of you, Melodi, when I write these. I know you understand. I pray for your Danaya daily!