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Friday, May 11, 2007

More Signs and more websites...

If you've seen Justus lately, you know he's getting crazy fluent in sign, and has even gained some new words.
There is an even better website I want you to check out. It's http://www.aslpro.com/cgi-bin/aslpro/aslpro This one has a much more extensive video dictionary! Awesome!
I have made a new list of signs that you are almost sure to see if you walk into our home on any given day. Ready?

Not (also use for Do not or to negate almost any action)
Dirty (also the sign for dirt)
Firefighter (We use a different sign than what's on the website. Make a B handshape, and put it to your forehead, facing thumb out, like the badge on their hats. Justus points to himself and then signs this about 100 times a day. He wants you to know HE'S going to be a firefighter!)
Name Signs:
Justus (Make a J handshape in your hair, on the side of your head, like for curly hair.)
Treston (Make a T handshape, and tap it against your chin a few times)
Emma (Make an E handshape and sign girl with it)
Jax (Justus made this one up himself...tap your index finger to the side of your forehead, like the sign for "think", and then turn it out into an X handshape, in one motion. It's easier than it sounds.)
Mom- sign for Mother
Dad-sign for Father, but Justus baby signs these with just one finger, FYI.

Okay, so now let's put those into Justus sized sentences. This is like a cumulative test.
Practice Sentences:
Justus, please don't touch. (Justus please not touch)
That's too loud! Treston is asleep. (Loud! Treston sleep)
That's yucky! Don't eat that. (gross! not eat)
You need a diaper change. (FYI, I don't sign "dirty" for a dirty diaper, I sign stinky, by just holding my nose. Dirty is not really appropriate for a dirty diaper.)
Does that hurt? I'm sorry! (Hurt? Sorry)
You want a firefighter book?
Where's Daddy? At work. (Daddy Where? Work)
Good job Justus! (Good Work)
Your clothes are dirty. Let's go change. (Clothes dirty. Go change)

Remember, if you sign these things with no expression, it's almost meaningless! Take note of the expressions of the signers on the website. When you meet a deaf person, the expression will almost overwhelm you. But there is grammar built into expression! A deaf person would rather have expression than perfect signs! That's just a side tip when it comes to learning ASL. It also helps with communication with Justus. The more expression he has, the more likely we are to understand what he's signing.
Remember, he still uses baby signs. He doesn't sign these things perfectly. You have to be around him to get used to his signs. But it doesn't take long!
Thanks for those of you really learning! It shows how much you love our sweet boy!


Jon, Sally, & Jude said...

You're a wonderful Mom! I love to watch you love your sweet babies!
We love you!

Halei said...

I keep telling myself one day I'm going to sit down and look at these websites alllll day!!

I should be starting sign language at Blinn next semester, so I might be coming to you with questions, because I dont just want to get through I want to be fluent so I will be able to foster deaf children(I read a story about a foster child who was deaf and in a home and her foster parents didnt know SL and were not learning...how sad is that?!!)

Jennifer Bacak said...

I know it's hard to believe, but MANY deaf children's parents never learn to sign. I would say the majority of my students when I taught Deaf Ed. did not. I offered parent sign classes, sometimes in Spanish and English, (because some of my parents didn't speak English) trying to teach them all, but few of them actually learned. It is very sad!
I would be glad to help you while you take ASL at Blinn!