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Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Most Important Thing We Do All Day

The most wonderful part of homeschooling this year has been that it helped me get into a solid routine of Bible Study and prayer with the kids in the morning. We had a hard time before this year finding a time in the evening to do this...you know how the evenings can go sometimes. Tired kids, bathtimes, phone calls, etc. I was often frustrated that we were not consistent and disciplined in this time with the kids, and also that I never found a children's Bible story book that I liked.
I know some of you also do this with your kids, some in the evening, like Kathryn, and some very early in the morning! (Bless you Shannan and Christy!)
We too have started everyday with a lesson from scripture, and time in prayer together. (Like many of you, I've been using my own "curriculum" for this, coming up with lessons myself.) I wouldn't miss this precious time with them for the world! Hearing their prayers, having time in the Word with them, this is what it's about! This is where growing them spiritually, bit by bit, happens before our eyes. What a blessing to lift up Rusty and his office, patients, and staff everyday with my children has been! How awesome it has been to pray for Justus and Treston's birthmoms' salvation everyday with my kids! How amazing it was to pray for healing for my Mom everyday for a long time, and then witness God's supernatural healing of her, and hear my kids say "of course Mom! We prayed for that!" No matter how late we may be running in the morning, they know that we NEVER skip the most important thing we do all day...our Bible Study and prayer time. And Emma would never let me get away with it anyway. She LOVES the stories from the Bible!
Becky, the superhero who comes to help us and have one-on-one with Justus while I teach school, recently brought this Bible Story book over, and I am loving it! I have never found a book I like this much. It's a compilation of Old and New Testament stories, written very well, but every story "whispers the name of Jesus" as it says on the cover. It accurately represents how the whole Bible is about God's redemptive plan for saving us through the sacrifice of His Son, God Himself.
Check it out. I just ordered us one off of Amazon for $10. And I would love to hear any ideas or routines you guys have in your homes for teaching your kids about the Lord, through Bible study, prayer, scriptures memorization, whatever. I know all of our homes are different, and we can share new and exciting ideas with one another! Being surrounded by other Moms and Dads doing this really encourages me and spurs me on!


Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

This is my favorite time of the day, even though it is in the evening, everything else is done so we concentrate only on it. I love to hear their imput and thoughts and then their prayers...Michael very to the point and Alex very elaborate.

I also love the faith of children as you said answered prayers, one time we were driving and praying that the rain held off until we got where we were going. When I said "thank You Jesus", Michael said "of course it didn't rain, we prayed for it not to"


Melodi said...

I love to use the AWANA books for Bible study with my kids. I especially love the discussions and lessons that have come from the T and T books, that are 3rd-6th grade AWANA books. Since Hannah has gone to public school, we've not found a good routine with her AWANA Bible study and it shows. Homeschooling makes it so easy to have a set routine and expectation of the day. I'm looking forward to having her home again this summer and getting back into that routine. I still remember visiting a friend when I was in early high school and when we sat down to breakfast, their dad pulled out his Bible, read to us, and prayed. I'd never seen that done and vowed that my family one day would do that.

Kim said...

I agree...this post is really great! I think our time in family worship and reading the Bible is the most important thing we do. Right now, we are reading through Matthew in the mornings before we start school time.

A couple of books that we like is: Leading Little Ones to God and Big Truths for Little kids. Both are excellent.

I have enjoyed your blog.