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Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day Super-Dad!!!

Father's Day...a day we usually give our Dad a tie and take him to lunch.
What could I possibly give Rusty to show him how grateful I am for him?
Everything is inadequate.
He is not only the man of my dreams STILL, but he is the best Dad to our "Bacak nation" as he calls it!
This is the man who...

goes grocery shopping with four little ones while I sing on the Praise Team at church on Sundays, pulling two carts, and makes every woman in the store stop and stare. He's actually somewhat famous at HEB because of this. People I DON'T know will tell me "I saw your husband at HEB! Wow! He's amazing!" (Rusty actually feels this is a sad commentary on Dad's today. He's out shopping with his own kids, and people act like it's a freak show. But it is stinkin' amazing considering having four little ones!)

comes home from work and goes immediately into tickle, wrestle, jump on the trampoline, swing, and chase mode.

comes home to the insanity for lunch with us everyday ON PURPOSE!

stayed up until 10pm (on Father's Day) making water balloons in the backyard for Jax's birthday party before getting to eat any dinner.

who kept all four of our kids while I was out of town recently for four days and still had the house totally clean when I came home.

He truly is SUPER! I could go on and on...but all this to say- Happy Father's Day Rusty! I hope you feel celebrated everyday in our home. We love, respect, and down-right adore you!


Anonymous said...

Rusty - you are truly a wonderful Father!! I am so thankful to know you and your family...and thanks for showing me that there are men and Fathers out there like you! You're such a blessing to so many people around you!

bekah said...

Thanks for being a great hopegroup dad to all of us college kids!

aggie07 said...

Rusty, I am so thankful for the example you set of a godly husband and father. I can't tell you how much of a blessing it is for me to see you being a real dad to your kids. I love getting to see how great that can be.