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Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Rock Star Brothers...

Okay, only one of them is a rock star, but the others are pretty close.
I am one of five: three brothers and I have one sister.
They're all pretty awesome.
Brian has a new blog I wanted to tell you about. He and his wife Amy are pursuing adopting a two and three-year old pair of siblings, and he created this blog to share the process. Brian lives in TN with my awesome sister-in-law, Amy, and their four kids. They're about to kick it up to six, if you can believe that! Their story is amazing, and I'm anxiously waiting and watching on the edge of my seat to see what God is going to do next. Brian has worked in ministry, as well as the Christian music industry, but is now working for Compassion International, and loves it! Check it out at Brian's blog (He has a link to the left also)

Robbie is a rock star. He has a band with a super creative name...The Robbie Seay Band. (RSB) I love my little bro, and his better half, Liz. They have some gorgeous, straight-out-of-the-catalog, crazy, fun kids! Liz just started blogging as well, and I wanted to let you in on their lives. Check it out at Rob & Liz's blog (Also linked up on the left)

Chris is an author, pastor, national speaker, husband, and father of four. Chris has written many books, some published by NavPress, but his current project is a paraphrase of the Bible called 'the voice.' He and a large team of writers and artists are telling the story of scripture in a captivating narrative form. You can check out these recently published books at www.hearthevoice.com (You can also google Chris Seay and find hundreds of other links to go to. It's crazy.)

Jessica is my way little sis! She just graduated from Magnolia HS and is headed to HBU. She is passionate about missions, photography, and is so fun!!! We can't wait to see what God does with her in her college years.

That's my fam. I'm pumped their bloggers now, so I wanted to let you all know!


Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

What a blessing to have such an awesome family.

God has truly gifted all of you!!

Love you.

LD said...

Jenn! I'm glad you found my blog... when I went home last night I wondered if you would find it and read the post where I talked about you guys and stalking other LH people through their blogs. I'm so glad I finally got to meet you guys after hearing about you for so long! I'll do my best with the IV tubing - a strangled PA is no good for sure.