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Monday, June 04, 2007

My Trip to NY

I've been in NY this weekend with my Mom, my sister, and my cousin Bailey. This was a girls trip to celebrate my sister's HS graduation.
This was our first night in NY. We went to see "The Color Purple".
It was disturbing, sad, funny, and musically awe-inspiring.
Every single voice was amazing.
Fantasia from "American Idol" 2004 played the lead. She was really great!
It was pretty cool to sit in the audience and be white, and in the minority. That felt cool.
The most exciting part of the night was that Melinda Doolittle and Jordyn Sparks (winner of this year's American Idol) were in the audience with us. We were all clicking our cameras during the intermission from afar, despite the no camera rule. If you look closely, you can see both Melinda and Jordyn, plus Jordyn's parents. If I could draw arrows for you, I would.
I'm bloggin from the NY airport, where we have been for over 5 hours. Our flight is delayed, but the plane just arrived, so PEACE OUT!


aggie07 said...

I am soo glad you are back!! I missed you while you were gone :)

Melodi said...

COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm such a star-watcher! I haven't even watched American Idol in 2 years, but I would still be excited if I saw Jordyn!

So glad you're back!!!!

JeremyandCarla said...

Jen & Rusty,

Thank you so much for the way you minister to the infirmed in our church! I really appreciate you calling in the prescription for me. Carla went & got it not long after. I am thankful that I did not need it, but the comfort in having it meant a lot as I was headed towards dehydration. Thanks again,
Jeremy Hilland

Melodi said...

Amen to Jeremy's comment. What would we do without you, Rusty?