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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My New Yellow, Best Friend

Once again, my husband has changed my life.
We have a bad history with vacuum cleaners.
For some reason, they are just not our friends.
You cannot have a Golden Retriever dog, and a vacuum that refuses to suck.
You can't.
It sucks.
To see dog hair on the floor where I put my baby down is not acceptable.
It's just not.
So remember my birthday post, where I was so excited about getting a new vacuum cleaner?
How cliche is this? A stay at home Mom so pumped about a household cleaning appliance? Some might find this sad, but I feel as though my readers will understand.
This thing is magic.
I'm in love with it.
It sucks up everything, even on my hard floors, and just leaves the items too big to vacuum alone, on the floor. It doesn't suck them in and make a God-awful noise! No. It just leaves them be.
Also, there are no long tubes to get clogged up, so it doesn't lose suction.
And best of all...this one is going to win you over...It's bagless, like all of the vacuums I've had, but to empty it, you don't have to reach in and pull out the huge glob of disghusting matter that was just under your feet. No. You don't even have to touch it. You just pull a lever, and the bottom falls out and it empties into the trash can.
The first time that happenned, I wanted to cry.
Vacuuming is now one of my favorite pass-times. (As if we have pass-times in our life, but you get the drift.)
If you call me, I may not hear the phone.
I'm vacuuming.


Jennifer Bacak said...

Just in case you're curious, it's a Dyson. In keeping with our true selves, we don't like to buy expensive things. We are drawn to the lower price tags. But that has been the problem with our vacuums, I can assume. So this one was probably more expensive.
So worth it.

Garratts said...

My mom and Mike's mom just bougth Dysons and they swear they are the best thing that there ever was.

That will be our next vacuum.

I am so pumped for you!!!

Liz said...

i have so been wanting one of those! is it wrong to covet your neighbors cleaning tool?

Anonymous said...

Ok Jenn, So Let me just tell you that I have a secret obssesion with using the vacuum cleaner. My parents got the Dyson when it came out and every time I go home I vacuum. Andrew and I got one for our new house.... AND in college my dad came down one weekend and surprised me with a vacuum set! A 21 year old excited about getting a vacuum set is a little strange! It just makes me giddy!! But beware... I may just vacuum next time I come to your house! Just knowing that I am using this WAY cool thing.. having fun and sucking up dirt all at the same time tops the list of my favorite things to do!!

Melodi said...

I'm sure this is a need of mine now, not a want! I like our vacuum, but to think I could just dump it in the trash can without pulling out that nasty bag!!!!!!! heaven!

aggie07 said...

Yay for the new vacuum!!! It works so well and is so fun to use!!