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Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween Fun!

We have had a great week! It started with our perfect adoption day! Then we did fun school activities and crafts on Wednesday, like a scarecrow craft, and Halloween math and reading activities off of Enchanted Learning. (a great web site! It requires a subscription to print off of it.)

We started our evening with Mummy Dogs. I got this recipe from an e-mail from a friend. The kids loved it, considering we recently studied Egyptians, Pharoahs, Mummies, etc.

Then we were off to trick-or-treat on our street! Emma and Jax literally ran from door to door!

Heather said he looks like an Anne Geddes picture. He does! How cute is this little lion?!

The little ones rode in the wagon, and Treston totally loved the ride along, as long as we didn't make him wear that hood. He wasn't fond of it.

It was great! Then we went to the Hendricks house for a little birthday/costume party. (Happy Birthday Megan Birkenfeld!) You can go to Heather's blog I'm sure for all those pics. Rusty and I went as characters from the show "House." (A doctor show.)
Wednesday was fun for my kids! Two things they love: costumes (which are worn daily around here) and candy (they would like to have daily.)
It was great fun!


Amy Seay said...

Cuties! Wish we could have trick-or-treated with you guys. I'm not surprised with Justus's costume choice.

Jon, Sally, & Jude said...

That little Treston just could NOT be ANY cuter!! Where did you find that precious costume!?
Emma, Jax, and Justus were sophisticatedly silly in their costumes! They're growing up so fast! Emma just always makes that cute "I'm up to something" face!
I love you Jenn and I am so thankful for God's hand to put you in my life!! Thanks for your encouragement last night!

Amanda said...

By far the cutest kids ever!!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh...Justus is getting so big so fast!!! I need to come down there pronto...I will be heading to Beaumont at some point in December or January - can I detour through CS and come see you?! Let's talk schedules soon! Love you!!