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Monday, November 26, 2007

Magic...pure magic

Breathing is good.
I mean nose breathing, because mouth breathing sucks.
There's nothing worse than trying to sleep, but you can't find a millimeter of a space in your stuffy nose in which to breathe so you can sleep.
Last night it was reaching 1am, and I still couldn't nose breathe (the superior way to breathe versus the gross mouth breathing) OR sleep.
There's not much time between 1am and 6am, when I must be up.
I start to panic at that point.
So I got up and started rummaging through all the medicines we own, which is not very many, even in a Doctor's house.
However...I found the MAGIC.
Afrin. Have you tried this? It really is magic. One minute, no matter what you do, you can't get an iota, or however you measure oxygen, into your nose for superior breathing's sake.
Then you squirt this disghusting stuff into your nose, and I DO MEAN disghusting, and
(you get the picture)
You can breathe!!!! It feels like a miracle to me. Whoever invented this stuff was genious. I wanted to find them and hug them last night at 1am. I didn't know if it was working at first, so I squirted a lot in, and I think maybe burned the inside of my nose a little, but who cares?
I could breathe!!! It really was magnificent.
But Rusty was not happy to see the Afrin out this morning.
Well, maybe cause I had a little problem with it when we first got married.
I had a super bad cold that wouldn't go away, and I discovered the magic.
But then I had to use it everynight for like a week to sleep.
Maybe it was two weeks or longer...I don't know.
But Rusty planned an intervention, and he cut me off.
He wouldn't allow me near the stuff after that. The magic really is highly addictive.
Who wouldn't be addicted to magic breathing potion?
I've known a few people close to me who were addicted for years.
You know who you are. You can leave anonymous comments if you like.
So I haven't gone near it since then. I knew I had a problem.
But last night...when I was rummaging...I was never happier to find the magic potion spray. It was disghusting (because anytime you spray something into your nasal cavities, it's disghusting) but thrilling at the same time!!!
Oxygen in the nose. It's good!! Sleep. Even better!!!
When Rusty saw it out this morning, he gave me a stern "What's this, little missy?"
I said "Magic. It's my new best friend."
Don't be surprised if you are asked to attend an intervention for me in the near future.
I am a person prone to addiciton. If I didn't know Jesus, I'd probably be addicted to several things by now.
Like Magic Breathing Spray.
It's magic.


The Houstons said...

the "Magic" yes yes! It is, nothing works better...but I warn you, it is sooooo terribly addicting...I have been a junkie for years, years I'm telling you! I asked Rusty if it was ok while I was pregnant, and he just looked at me and said, well yes, but you'll become a junkie...and I laughed. My dad was a Nurse and he introduced me to the magic in middle school...so I have been battling with this magic for literally 10 years...I do sooo good then I have one bad allergy season/cold and I cannot sleep at night, I will dream about using it until I go get some. I think that is how I ended up with it in the house, I woke Jon up in the middle of the night and begged for him to go get some for me...and he did, and he is amazing:) hehehe.
So, there's my magic confession..LOL.

Laurie said...
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Laurie said...

Jennifer, You need some serious intervention now. Knowing Rusty knows what he is talking about is not going to cut it, I am afraid:) That stuff is just too tempting, but seriously, JUST SAY NO!

I was addicted to this stuff five years ago, and it took giving birth for me to come off of it. I came down with a horrible cold being nine months pregnant, and well... you know what happened. I felt the nine months pregnant part gave me an excuse, but yeah, I became a junkie. I tried and tried for a month, and literally couldn't get off. I finally gave up. The bad part is that I had no idea I would become addicted, so you can imagine what I was like, using that stuff at first like it was the best thing ever. Where have I been? Whenever we were in that Drug Free Youth of America thing in H.S. they never mentioned Afrin. Oh, yeah, we never had to even go to any meetings to be in that ;)

Only after giving birth to Anna and subsequent sleepless nights could I even get a few hours of sleep without the stuff. That paved my way to freedom. I have been clean for five years now, and I have sworn off that stuff forever :)

Best wishes.

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

The stuff does work magic, fortunately it makes my throat hurt so I don't get addicted. I have been sick for two weeks...now Nyquil on the other hand, I am addicted to that...and I still have some of the GOOD stuff!!!
We may have a joint intervention.

Lindsay said...

I'm so glad you posted about this Jenn! It truly is magic stuff and I've always been so scared of it, because of all this addiction talk. Not being able to breath when you need sleep to deal with all the kids the next day is such a desparate place to be, and don't even get me started about not breathing and sleeping while pg. I've never actually been addicted, I'm so scared of that, that I only limit myself to using it 3 nights in a row. Here's my question though, how do you get addicted? I don't understand. And once your addicted, what are the "withdrawl" symptoms? Is it really hard to stop using it? I don't get it! Someone please enlighten me...

Jennifer Bacak said...

Well let me tell you, since I have a brilliant doctor husband.
It's called rebound congestion, or nasal dialation.
Your nose basically gets used to it, and dependent on it, so it will stay congested, and sort of swell, until you use it again.
Rusty also says there's a 3 night maximum before an addict is born.
I'm resolved to sleep without it tonight, considering the sober confessions of my dear blog friends.

The Houstons said...

Ok, I can enlighten you Lindsay...I tried finding a smarty pants version of what I know about "rebound congestion" which is what happens when you get addicted to this magic stuff...sorry this is long, but it explains well :)
"Nasal sprays or drops are sold over-the-counter under brand names like Afrin, Sinex, Neo-Synephrine, Allerest, Duramist, and Sinarest. They contain a medicine that constricts the blood vessels inside your nose. When you have a cold, the flu, or allergies, these blood vessels become swollen and dilated. This stimulates the nasal membranes to produce large amounts of mucus. Like stepping on a garden hose, constricting the blood vessels reduces the blood flow to your nostrils. The swollen vessels shrink, and this helps to dry things up.

Unfortunately, your nose can become tolerant to the decongestant's effect if you use it for too long. Tolerance in general happens because your body launches a biological counterattack against the effects of a drug. One way it does this is by increasing cellular processes and other activities that produce the opposite effect. In the case of decongestants, the body tries to dilate the nasal blood vessels. This cancels out the decongestant's effect, and the same squeeze of the bottle that brought you relief before no longer helps. You end up using more and more to get rid of your stuffy nose. And each time you sniff more decongestant, your body redoubles its efforts against the resulting constriction.

This vicious cycle continues until you can't exist without a bottle of nasal spray in hand! If you don't use it, you are stuffed up and miserable. This is called "rebound congestion." With lots of medicine on board, your nasal passages are dry, and you feel healthy. With the medicine gone, the physiological changes that your body has made reign unchecked. What happens is the exact opposite of the drug's effect! Your blood vessels swell up again, and your nasal lining fills up with mucus, and your runny nose returns. "
I hope that helps...giving this magic stuff up really stinks...I'm usually miserable for at least a few days because I can't sleep. But, when you are addicted, you notice you get stuffier and stuffier as the days go on, I get like that. My nose gets really stuffy all day until I puff..LOL. But I won't allow myself to keep puffing all day, just at night if I can't stand it. Sorry that was long, I hope it helped!

Lindsay said...

Thanks for the insight guys! I've been wondering about this stuff for years and secretly terrified of it. I'll just be careful to stick to the three night rule and hope I don't get addicted! :)

Anonymous said...

Ok So that was my life in a nut shell. You should know that I ADORE this stuff... I mean it is amazing! But thanks to Dr. Bacak I am in remission! =) Yes I have gone through TONS of those prescription bottles he gave me.... but I am no longer glued to the Afrin. I can get through a day without going through my purse to get my fix 5 times a day. May family, my friends and my husband especially do not let me near the stuff. OH, what would my life be like without the Bacak miracle worker stepping in?! =) What would I have done if I did not live there! =)

Jennifer Bacak said...

Jodi, there you are!
I was wondering when you would read this!!!
Of course, I had you in mind this whole time, but wasn't going to call you out on my blog.
But now you're out.
You're name is Jodi, and you're a recovering Afrin addict.
We are so proud of you!
And you can be proud of me, because I only used it the one night. I'm clean!
Jodi, I miss you!!!
Come home!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I can proudly say that I am clean... 2 months! WOW a long time huh? ;) I am GLAD you wrote the blog.. you should have named it ...."JODI CRAWFORD....ADDICT!" FIrst step is saying I am addicted right!? ;)

I MISS YOU TOO. I hate that I am so out of the LOOP up here in Dallas.
Andrew and I joked on the way to CS on Thanksgiving for the Aggie game on Friday, that we were going to just crash the BACAK thanksgiving! I am sure you were out of town, but we liked the thought of it. I Miss my home in CS! No one will ever fill Jenn Bacak's place for me!