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Monday, November 05, 2007

You're Cool, Craig.

My friend Bethany always gives me useful information.
I just love her!
She told me about Craig's List.
You all probably know about it already, but I'm slow.
It's a local forum for buying and selling things...kind of like e-bay, but without the fees and no shipping issues. Everyone lives in your area!
That's brilliant!
My brother Robbie just bought a trampoline for his kids on it.
I have posted a few things on it already.
I want to buy the Star Wars trilogy on DVD for my boys for Christmas.
So I posted a WANTED on there. I'm also going to sell our train table.
I may just sell enough stuff around here that we MAKE money on Christmas this year!
Who knows?
My question is: Who's Craig?
Did he have this great idea?
Was he trying to sleep one night, but couldn't, because he had too much caffeine after 4pm, and it hit him!
Is he somehow making a profit off of this?
And why can I not have a brilliant idea like this when I can't sleep?
(Yes, the story about caffeine and not being able to sleep is really about me.)
The brilliant idea I'm waiting to hit me is how to attach socks together and wash them so that they never get lost.
Can you imagine?
One sock never wanders off into the black hole called Sock Funland beneath your house ever again.
Wouldn't I make millions?
Wouldn't you buy this, ladies?
Well, hats off to you Craig.
You're cool.


Amanda said...

So many thoughts - Firstly, I can't believe you didn't know about this. Actually, I sorta can, but let me apologize now for not having mentioned it before. Secondly, no clue who Craig is, other than some random guy, but no, I don't think he makes a profit from this. Thirdly, the Bacak dryer DOES lose LOTS AND LOTS of socks...maybe we should try clothes pinning pairs together or get some delicate bags to wash socks in...they surely couldn't get out of a zipped up bag. I am glad you have discovered this marvel!!
Love you and you make me laugh a little :)

Amanda said...

P.S. did you know that Craig's List also exists in far-far away places. Places like Boston! How happy is that??

The Kramer Family said...

I LOVE Craig's List. I haven't actually ever bought anything on it. I just live vicariously through Christina! She buys and sells lots on there.

We are a fan of these things. We've bought or sold our last 4 cars on e-bay. We are all about getting good deals!

Katy said...

OH yes...Craigslist is the bomb!!! I'm so glad that you have discovered it! Do you know what I used it for ALL summer? I found where all the garage sales were in my area. My mom and I went to garage sales all summer to fill my classroom up with stuff. It was awesome to know where we were going rather than just driving around without a plan.

Laurie said...

I'm addicted to Craigslist. It is the greatest thing ever (aside from Peppermint Mocha creamer that I must get immediately--thanks for that info!). I have practically furnished my entire house with buys off Craigslist, and the first time I went to sell my old, worn out, milk and crayon stained living room furniture, I had 60 calls for it the very next day starting at 7 a.m. NO LIE. People were BEGGING me to sell it to them, and I was completely honest with them about the condition. Proof that people will buy anything.

Recently, I read about Craig, and he has a great story. I wish I had the link (if I find it, I will send it along).

Also, my I have your email address? Please send it to lauriecouchAT hotmail.

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Don't feel bad. Apparently I am even slower than you because I have never heard of Craig's List!!

Oh and you can safety pin your socks together because there is power in numbers and they won't get lost as easy.

Jennifer Bacak said...

How 'bout you people just start stating the obvious to me from now on, because I am not super clued into the world! I'm glad to know Kathryn and even Erin M. didn't know about it either. I need to know this stuff!
Clothespins have metal springs in them that would rust in the wash.
Safety pins would work, but I want something that my kids could do themselves as soon as they take off their socks.
Mesh bags...yes, but where would I find like 30-40 of them for super cheap?
Any other ideas?
I need your help!

Anonymous said...

It's the only way a girl like me could afford furniture for her new home! I LOVE CRAIG!!! :) I mean I got nice stuff from like Pier 1 and Pottery Barn for a 1/3 of the price or better!! Yea!!

texasinafrica said...

There is a Craig. He's a guy in San Francisco who had a good idea, and it spread like wildfire.

Welcome to the fun. Another thing you might like is Freecycle - everything there is free, and it's a great way to get rid of stuff you can't sell without filling up the landfills. Not sure if they have it in B/CS, but we love our Austin Freecycle!

Carey said...

I saw "sock locks" in a magazine - They are little colored rings that you put around your kids socks to make them stay together. Google it and the website will come up.

ari said...

Jen! That's funny about Craig's list! I've just browesed it though - I'm still an ebay newbie.

On the socks, I actually use a mesh bag, mainly for kid socks. I stick 'em all in there together. Opening the bag after the dryer is kind of a fun game; a giant sock ball becomes 15 tiny matches. I'm not, however concerned enough to this for grown-up socks. They are on their own for sticking together in there, big socks should know this by now.

Kirby said...

Jenn...get each of your kids a "delicates" bag (one of those mesh ones) from the 99 Cents store. The one where the old Kroger used to be off of Texas in Bryan has them on the very left of the store (I just saw them there last time I was there) and tie a different color ribbon on each of them for each of your kiddos-then every time they take their socks off--have them put them in their designated bag...you won't lose socks AND you won't have to sort after washing and drying all in ONE bag!

Amanda said...

I LOVE the last idea posted...it could revolutionize laundry in the Bacak house!! :)

brickmomma said...

Jenn- I have lost your email address :( I am trying to find your post about telling Emma about not being a vet when she grows up. Remember that one? I cannot locate it......

Jennifer Bacak said...

Kirby that's sheer brilliance! I love you! This really MAY change my life forever.

Jaimee, e-mail me at thebacaks@yahoo.com
Hope to hear from you soon!

Jennifer Bacak said...

I can't find it either! I've looked through them all several times, and I have no idea! I guess this is why people tag them...I should do that.
I'll keep looking!