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Monday, November 12, 2007

They're coming!

Oh, how I've missed them.
Just a year ago, I got hooked on the Girls, and I watched all six seasons available to me over a series of late nights where I just couldn't stop watching...the quick wit...the banter...so much coffee...the weather and seasons that are all too absent here...the beautiful hair! Could someone please do my hair like theirs? It's so dad-gum shiny!!!
I have waited and waited. By some sheer glorious miracle, I don't know how this series ends. I have one more season to go; season 7. I am incredibly impressed that no one has spilled the end to me. Not even a hint. (Way to go Amanda!) Will Lorelai end up with Luke? With Christopher?
I'll find out soon. Season 7 is released tomorrow, Tuesday the 13th. It's been reserved on my list on Netflix forever. Finally, the big day has come. I got the e-mail confirming it. Netflix...WONDERFUL NETFLIX...is sending them to my house on Wed. My super friendly mailman (called a man-mail by Justus) will put them in my mailbox in a incredibly exciting red envelope. Even the mailman knows we love the red envelopes! This will be my favorite one yet! After months of silence...months with no banter...no good hair...no coffee at Luke's...they'll be back. Right in my bedroom, with me tucked into bed, and my husband rolling over, with a complete lack of interest in these girls. That's so okay. They're coming over. I can't wait.


Amanda said...

AHHHH!!! I just screamed in the middle of my living room!! Oh how I have waited to discuss this with you. It is finally time!! I can't believe it is finally here. Oh the joy. I love that Netflix is bringing you so much joy. I love that I brought at least one good thing to the Bacak house. I am so excited!! Right now I am reserving the right to watch the finale with you. We can laugh and mourn the loss of the gilmores together!! So great!!

The Kramer Family said...

I saw the commercial for this about 30 minutes ago and immediately thought of you and Heather. Seriously! That is so funny.

I was a 2%er. I would catch it and LOVE it. But, then something else would come up and I wasn't able to watch it.

When we move back into the farmhouse, we opted for no cable or nothin'. So, I will need to borrow the previous seasons so that I don't become un-cool and start wearing prairie dresses....ha! But, then again. What even makes me think I'm cool right now? SO NOT!

The Roberts' said...

i cant believe you have lasted this long without finding out the end!!! i must tell you, watching the series finale, it felt like a part of me died. my long friendship with the girls of gilmore was gone.

texasinafrica said...

So glad you'll get to see the end! Just a warning that the writers changed for season 7, so it's not exactly the same. But my friends and I cried and cried through the last episode all the same.

Anonymous said...

WHAT?!?! You love the Gilmore ladies?? I never knew!!! Camile & I used to watch them together, and I am obsessed with them. I have seen every episode and still watch the reruns at 10 & 4 whenever I can :) Thanks ABC Family for keeping up the Gilmore Girls!!!

Tamra Perkinson said...


How was it???
I have never watched that show before, and now you've got me very interested! I may just have to start with season one in my queue.

Jennifer Bacak said...

Yes!!!! Tamra, put it in your Queue immediately. Start from the beginning. I'm almost jealous. I want to start over. I think I am going to actually, just not for the first time.
Let me know how you love it Tamra!