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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Watch This...

My awesome brother Brian works for Compassion and he is in Ethiopia right now. He is chronicling his trip on his blog, and it's amazing. What makes it even more moving is that his family is going to adopt from Buckner's orphanage there, and he is right there near it. His future children are right under his nose! I can't imagine what all he is feeling on this trip. Getting to see the pics and read his words is a gift.
He is travelling with his brother-in-law and dear friend Shaun Groves, who you may know, is a Christian artist. Brian posted this short video of Shaun's footage of this trip. I just watched it, and I'm still trying to type through the tears.
Take a quick look at a fraction of what Compassion is doing in Ethiopia.


Stephanee said...

Hi Jennifer,
Thanks for putting this link and video. My sister and her husband are almost to the end of the process to adopt from Ethiopia. They are going through Gladney. I am very possibly going with them when they travel to get their child. So this is great to see and it looks like Compassion International does some great stuff there!
Stephanee Potts

Simone said...

Wow... that's so much like Zimbabwe. That video is basically what I got to live in for 2 1/2 months this summer. Thanks for posting it!