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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lynsey Kramer Rocks!

Lynsey Kramer is a seriously talented woman.
She's a good friend from church, and you can't help but like this girl! She's so fun! But I have a new appreciation for her talent.
She made my family look good! And you should try taking pictures of my kids! I think she put it nicely on her photography blog, saying something like "the Bacak kids are a big ball of adrenaline" or "energetic" or something, but really...they're crazy! My kids are all over the place! Those of you who have shy, calm, sedate children...I wish I understood that. But I don't! I have four very different, and super energetic kids, who love to be kids! One is always running around on fours like an animal, one is looking for mischief 24/7 and finding ways to teach his brother to help him, and the other is just an intense wrestle/sword fight/ jump on you kind of boy! But they are so fun, and I couldn't imagine anything else in this house. I think Lynsey did an amazing job capturing our family, despite the very difficult nature of a Bacak photo shoot, and I am in awe of her.
Thanks Lyns! Y'all check out my link to her farm blog and then go to her photography blog to see more.
Enjoy the slideshow. It takes a long time to put up!


Liz said...

these are awesome!!!

The Roberts' said...

those are precious!!

i think you might should post a blog about this hair-coloring story you speak of, i would love to hear it!

Amy Seay said...

She's so good! Looks like you were all having fun too.

First Ladies... said...

when did you do these and how can I get some?
they are awesome and what amazingly cute kids!!!!

Hendrick Family said...

These are so great!

theBirkenfelds said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful family!


The Vann's said...

Those pictures turned out GREAT, she is SO awesome... I feel like Carissa and I are one of the peoples that can actually attest to how hard it is to take pictures of your kids..haha... Padre photo shoot??!!?? haha so fun! Hope your doing well.. Check out our Blog for a prayer request!!

texasmcvays said...

Those photos are great! You guys look just as wonderful.

Clayton Wakefield said...

Wow, yeah those are really good! Where did yall go to get those taken?