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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Treston's Godparents

Treston has two couples that are his godparents.
Nope, we couldnt' decide. They are best friends, and equally amazing, so who couldn't use FOUR prayer warriors instead of two?
So for Christmas, those Mosier people made him this t-shirt! How cute is this?
It says "The Mosiers are my favorite".
The Vanns, his other godparents, came to visit and saw this shirt. They challenged it to be un-true of course.
I love the t-shirt idea! I can think of about 100 hundred things I'd like to put on a t-shirt to wear.
Like: Yes, these are all MY children. (Seeing the four of them together confuses people.)
Hey! Let's have a t-shirt making party, like when we used to make paint splatter shirts when I was in Jr. High! Yay!


Kramer said...

I love t-shirts. I soooo went through the 80s puff paint fad and had a million of them. Fun times!

The Kramer Family said...

Oh, its me! Not Jason. Sorry. That would be scary if he went through the puff pain fad. We might not be the husband and wife we are today.

But, if Jason had a t-shirt it would say...

'Say What?'

That's just how he rolls.


The Mosiers said...

I will have to say the T-shirt idea was all my husband's idea. He wanted to make them for everyone on our list, but I was a bit skeptical. However, this shirt turned out so cute!!!

We love our little T-Bear!!

~The favorites :)

The Vann's said...

OK, I'm playing the Bible Card on this one. I am pretty sure that it is incredibly biblical to not show favoritism. (Leviticus 19:15, Romans 2:11, James 2:1, the list goes on and on) So what kind of God parents lead their Godson astray? I mean I think that should be enough evidence for termination of God parent status. Ha Ha, totally kidding, Treston is so blessed to have such another wonderful Godly Couple to be in prayer for him.

Besides, The Vanns for sure LOVE T-Bear the most!!

On another note it was GREAT to see you guys the other weekend, I wish we were closer and could hang out more. Hope you are all doing well!!

Miss you,

theBirkenfelds said...

Speaking of making shirts- I just found one from Homecoming my freshman yr. of High School! Lol. Good times- so I'm all for the party!!