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Friday, January 04, 2008

How did I live without it?

I have mentioned before that Rusty is an amazing gift giver.
He changes my life with gifts.
He has done it again.
First, he gave me a Chi. I don't have to live off of college girls who live with us anymore for straight, smooth hair. I have this amazing, illegal in Canada, could burn my face off, miracle of my own! Go Rusty!
But also...
We're not supposed to love the things of this world, so you can pray for me, because I LOVE this thing!
I think it could suck up one of my children if I wanted it to.
It has truly made life easier.
When one of my children decides to eat their gingerbread house in their bed...no problem. Have no fear! The Dust Buster is here!
When Treston eats anything, anywhere...it's okay!
When Treston and Justus break into the pantry and spill fritos all over the floor and then dance on them...I don't have to break down.
I mean seriously, how did I live without this thing before?
I've even dust busted my children's bodies, and that works too!
I've decided this should be on people's baby registeries. If you have children, your home would be greatly benefitted by this!
I gave it to Justus the other day (he LOVES to clean) and he used it all around the house until it went dead. Awesome!
Love this thing!


Anonymous said...

JENN... What a wonderful gift! Can I just say I would have LOVED this little vacuum guy after I got ready in the mornings at your house! Dark brown hair... white tile, my life would have been so easy! ha ;) I think I need one! I am the SHED MASTER!

;) Jodi

Anonymous said...

Oh P.S. You and Rusty need to watch the NEW IMPROVED GLADIATOR! It is so fun!
Andrew and I cracked up... there is a Gladiator named JUSTICE! You have to see him! He Rocks!!!! I think we discovered your sons new calling... ha j/k!