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Monday, January 07, 2008

My American Gladiators

We watched the New American Gladiators.
Rusty has been so excited. This is a testosterone overflow, oozing out of your TV, even from the women.
Rusty liked this new-do, except he felt like everyone should have had a mullet. You know, like the good ol' days.
The disturbing part was that after the show, my sweet little girl started playing Gladiator with her brothers and Daddy, and then announces that she wants a Gladiator birthday party. Yes, my only little girl, petite as she may be, wants to take on other little girls on the monkey bars. (Her words!)
Do we have parents sign waivers for this party?
Does this child have any of my DNA?
I have to admit, these women are scary, but quite impressive.
The one named Crush looks like a Spice girl on steroids.
The Gladiator wrestling after the show brought back WWF flashbacks from my house as a kid. I know way more about wrestling circa 1980's than you may realize.
Don't worry, I think I can rent a monkey or something to get her off this theme idea.
That, or Rusty may be installing a moving platform over the neighborhood pool for our kids to wrestle each other on. That might be against neighborhood regulations though.


Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

I did not see the Gladiators, but I was quite the Kevin VonErich fan in the 80's!!!

The Roberts' said...

oh goodness, josh made us watch that the other night too. its more entertaining than i would have guessed, altho i cant say ill be tuning in every week!

Laurie said...

Emma's comment about the monkey bars is hilarious!

I've actually been to a real, live wrestling match when I was a kid! I know you will believe me :)I was always quite the fan of the Junk Yard Dog...

(And SO exciting about Robbie's song and American Idol. We have followed the show some in the past. We will tune in again this year.)

Anonymous said...

Rusty, I just want to express how much my family & I appreciate all that you do to keep our church body healthy & happy! You & your staff ALWAYS squeeze us into your busy schedule (when we call at the last minute), and we are so grateful! Everyone at your office wears a continuous smile, always has kind words to say, & patiently lets us talk about our troubles even when you have a "packed house". So, thanks to you all for being such wonderful Christian examples before my family, and thanks for being amazing at your job. We'd be a sickly crew without you!

Many blessings,
Staci Stellges

Anonymous said...

Jenn and Rusty...

I would DEFINTIELY come back to TX to help build this rotating platform over the neighborhood pool for the American Gladiators party. What a great idea...go Emma!?!?! :-)


Garratts said...


Kari said...

We are now dvrring it so we don't miss a thing!
My husband was so looking forward to this coming back on as well and he hasn't been disappointed!
Oh the good ole days!!!

Anonymous said...

Well at least we aren't the only ones that have watched it! Were the people really THAT big in the 80's?