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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Smell my clothes

Seriously, our clothes smell so good.
I lie in bed at night and try to sniff my sheets.
I keep telling my kids to smell their clothes.
Little kids don't really know how to smell things on command.
They just blow air out of their nose, instead of in. So I don't know that they really appreciate it. It smells so good!!!
I think I need Febreze everywhere.
Especially in my van, where a new Bacak family rule has been firmly established.
No milk cups.
I blame their father.
It's so foul. I want my van to go take a bath in Febreze and then come back to me.
I picture it like in the movie "Cars", shaking off like a dog. Wouldn't that be great?
We don't buy expensive detergent with as much laundry as we do, but this little kick of Febreze sure makes us smell good.
Smell us.


nancy said...

You can also pour Febreeze into the washing machine. It took the stink out of some soured clothes.

Jennifer Bacak said...

Good to know. Thanks Nancy!

Amanda said...

I have two things to say.
1. I love Downy...I always love how my clothes smell too!! (I am pretty sure all of my roommates have seen me randomly sniff my clothing and smile, and thought "Amanda is nuts.")
2. Febreeze is amazing. I use it zealously. I especially love the allergen reducing one a lot. That they would put these two amazing things together is great!

Anonymous said...

You make me smile! ;)
This is one of my favorite smells. I just bought those new oil things that you put the sitcks in and it makes a stong smell.. ya know?! Anways, I bought one that smells like fresh clean clothes! Love it!


Brooke said...

I never used to use Downy, but then I received a free sample pack of Pure Essentials (Tide, Downy and Bounce) in a white lilac smell. It is AMAZING. I haven't used Febreeze with my laundry, but I do use it to refresh my couches, comforter, and other objects to big for the washer!