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Monday, January 28, 2008

Half Marathon Training

I'm training for a half marathon...I think.
I have always found that God speaks to me while I'm running, and I think I'm already learning a lot about myself through this.
This picture above is from the Boston marathon. That is NOT what I'm training for, obviously. I'm talking about doing the HALF marathon: Armadillo Dash here in College Station, despite the name.
Armadillo? What a heinous animal! It's roadkill really, one of the ugliest creatures indigenous to Texas. I detest this imagine in my mind. I might re-name this thing in my head just so I can go through with this.
We just decided to do this last weekend, and we only have 5 weeks total (4 more weekends) to train. First question: Are we crazy???
I did my long run yesterday. I ran 8 miles!!! 8 FREAKING MILES!!!
This is something Jenn Seay, circa 1990's, would not have believe about Jenn Bacak of the future if you had told me. No way. My motto was to only run if someone was chasing you with a deadly weapon. I didn't start jogging until after giving birth to Jax, and it was really only to keep up with my husband. Now my husband is running this thing with me to keep up with me!!! Seriously, who am I?
Here are some of the things I thought about during that 1 and 1/2 hour run. (Nope, I'm not going for speed. Just trying to survive so that I don't drop dead on Wellborn Rd. where the vultures find me and pick me to death.)

1. Let me tell you, the only race I've ever done was a 5K. I've never even done a 10K. What makes me think I can go from running 3 miles to 13 miles in 5 weeks? Who do I think I am? An American Gladiator Mom? Around mile 5 or 6 yesterday, I decided I should just do a 10K. I mean, should I really skip that crucial step? But the Armadillo Dash doesn't offer a 10K and that means I'd have to travel somewhere to do it. Yuk. But it was very clear to me at mile 6. However, isn't that like making a decision to get your husband a vasectomy when you're delivering a baby, or when you're post-partum and delusional from lack of sleep? I don't know.

2. I ran around A&M campus twice, and I have to tell you, I was a little disappointed. I've always heard that everyone is so friendly on campus, with the Howdys and all. But I don't think I got a single Howdy!!! NO! I was even dishing them out on my first lap, before I neared death, being the good foreigner, non-Aggie I am, living in Aggieland. But I nearly got run off the sidewalk by a punk kid on a bicycle, who seemed to find it amusing, and did not receive Howdys. Very disappointing. I have always been fond of you Aggies, so what's up? Can y'all call a cult meeting and re-visit your friendliness policies please? I did get a honk from a car full of guys, but I don't think that counts. I laughed to myself thinking if I could only tell them that they just jeered at a 32 year old Mom of four! How stupid would they feel? But thanks anyway, guys.

3. As I was running and listening to my ipod, Shane & Shane and some Robbie Seay, a song spoke to me about dying to self and bringing glory only to God. What was my motive in doing this? To boast in me? How can I when He alone created me and gives me the ability to do ALL things! No talent, ability, or crazy in the head endeavor can be achieved because of ME. Even in a silly race, shouldn't I be glorifying Him alone? Yes! I admit, I am going into this for the feeling of personal achievement, but I am reminded that it should only teach me how to cling to Him and be thankful for all good things that come from Him.

4. Doing something like this is a battle of the mind. I am constantly trying to figure out if I can do this. I honestly don't know. I thought for a while I might die yesterday. And then sometimes I think "Yes!" But let me tell you, I felt kind of sick yesterday after running, and my knees were killing me. So it's hard for me to admit, I don't know if I can pull this off. BUT I REALLY WANT TO!!!!! It's a dream of mine. I want to accomplish something that I formerly thought only superhumans could. I'm scared to fail...scared my knees will explode...scared I will finish dead last and I'll get a pity clap from the people who stayed around to clean up after the race.
If you have run a race like this, I'll take any advice I can get.
I'll keep you updated on our progress.
The race is Feb. 24th.


Margaret said...

Go Girl!! I'm Mary Reddick's room mate. We've met at Living Hope before...I don't know if you remember me, but I've done lots of races and am training for a half marathon as well at the end of March. There is nothing like finishing something like that! It's such a rush and God can teach you so much about perseverence and about relying on His strength in those moments when you think you're done. It's so great! Eat alot, stretch alot, and drink tons of water. Enjoy!

alisha said...

hey jenn-i don't know if we've formally met, but i have dear Jax in AWANA...i completed the Houston 1/2 a couple weekend ago, WITHOUT training, i had done one other 13 mile trail run before and run off and on here and there...if your at an hour and a half at mile 8, you'll be great. And the Lord is faithful. have fun!

Amy Seay said...

Go Jenn! Brian is running one in April, so he feels your pain. You can do it! I'll be thinking about you since thinking about people running is the closest that I ever get.

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Wow...that is so great Jenn.

I know that you will give God glory and even the personal satisfaction that I know you will get, you will still boast in the Lord!!!

I hope that you don't die. I have always found that stopping running before I feel death coming on really helps!!!

Jenn said...

Yes! Jenn yes! You can totally do it.

You are training and you already did EIGHT miles! You don't even have that much more to add!

I ran one my freshman year and my biggest advice is to find a training schedule and really stick to it. It doesn't even matter if you take walk breaks during the race- you will run faster that day because you will be excited!

Praise the Lord. He gave you legs and it's so wonderful to worship Him with them while they are strong and working!

I want to come be a cheerleader - - - anyone with me?

Jennifer Bacak said...

Jenn you are so sweet! I was pretending yesterday that there were cheerleaders along the way for me.
There were not.
But I would LOVE for you to come!!!
I am doing a run/walk thing.
I have looked at several training schedules, but none that are in as short a time as we are doing.
Maybe there's a reason for that!!! We're crazy!!!
So basically we have to just add two miles per week to our long run.
I actually feel pretty good today. My knees are only slightly sore. I have a super sore throat, so I'm hoping part of the reason I felt bad yesterday was because I'm a little under the weather. Rusty put me on anti-biotics today so hopefully I be full speed again on Sunday for my 10 mile run.
You want to go with me Jenn?

Jenn said...

Woah! 10 miles! I'd LOVE to go! I have been working out/running but I'm not very fast - as long as you don't think i'll hold you back.

goodness while all those men are superbowling it we can whoop 'em in a 10 mile run! :)

What time were you planning on going??

brickmomma said...

Yay! I volunteered last year because I was near 31 weeks with child and it was COLD. SO somehow, take that into consideration.

I really want to do this to. I need to figure out a time to commit to the training. I am super proud of you!

Hendrick Family said...

The last time I thought I was going to die was when I gave birth to Anson, naturally.

Then, with my other children, I discovered the amazing epidural.

No longer did I want to die. Actually, I wanted to play cards.


If they ever make an epidural for running. I'll run with you.


Jennifer Bacak said...

Epideural for running. That would be great. Or just an epideural for anything. I loved that thing.
I also thought about natural childbirth (with Jax) while I was running. I guess I was mentally taking inventory of my near death experiences.
Jenn, Rusty and I might actually get to make this run together! I'm excited! We didn't have anyone to watch the kids last weekend so we were solo.
But you can run with me anytime! You are a great running partner!