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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Corn Paint

One of the things I love about the spring/summer seasons is grilling.
My husband, the grill master, does vegetables up right on the grill.
Last night we did some yellow squash, zucchini, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes on the grill, and they were AWESOME!
Consistently, I LOVE fresh corn on the grill. Asparagus is also a grilled favorite of mine.
There are several vegetables we eat fresh only. The thought of eating them frozen or canned makes me gag. Canned green beans are NOTHING like fresh green beans.
(When I snap them ahead of time, I feel like I should be sitting on the porch with the women folk churning butter. I love that feeling. I want to live in Little House on the Prairie...without all the work that would require.)
Fresh corn on the cob is undoubtedly far superior to anything frozen or canned.
We like to grill it and make the CORN PAINT to go on it. (I made up the name. It just seemed appropriate because we paint it on with a brush.)
If you've had this at our house, raise your hand...lots of you!
Here's the recipe.
(Warning: not low fat)

Corn Paint:
Put equal parts mayo and sour cream in a bowl. I use about 2T.
Sprinkle in grated Parmesan cheese until it's a spreadable consistency. It takes quite a bit. You don't want it runny.
Then sprinkle in some chili powder and add some color.
Spread this mixture on your corn cob with a grill brush or whatever brush you use, and then squeeze some lime juice on top of it.
SO GOOD! Do you believe me? It sounds weird, but it's SO GOOD!
Last step: Invite us over for dinner when you make it.


Jeanie said...

I'm right there with you. I only buy fresh fruits and vegetables except for canned tomatoes. We just don't eat it if it's not in season.

Anonymous said...

You asked for mod podge ideas. I'm reading about using it for Easter eggs. Take a blown white egg, paint with mod podge, press on loops of colored dental floss or embroidery thread, then brush more mod podge on. Place the egg on a chopstick or skewer in a drinking class until it's dry.

Ricci said...

Hooray! Corn Paint!
Josh and I went to a restaurant the other weekend while with his family. He got corn on the cob and it wasn't until we sat down that he realized that there wouldn't be "Corn Paint" to go on it and he was very sad.

Thanks for the recipe, Jenn!

The Arguellos said...

That definitely reminds me of Mexico. Hard worked women stand on the streets cooking the corn over a fire and sell it just like that with the mayonaise, chili, and lime, but I don't think they use parmesan cheese. Anyways, I agree, it is super yummy! :) Thanks for praying for us!!!

The Vann's said...

I love the corn paint! I'm so glad you posted this recipe. I have been wanting it since we had it at your house a long time ago!!!

Miss you guys! Hope you are great!