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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Happy Adoption Day Justus!

On April 8th we stood before the judge's bench as a family, and he confirmed legally what had been done for a long time.
Justus Joseph Bacak was always a Bacak. God had ordained it from the beginning of time. When I first got that beautiful baby, he didn't look my like my others, but he was ours. He had hair. I didn't know my babies could have hair! He was light brown, and got a little browner everyday. I was kind of excited to get up everyday and see a new shade of beautiful brown. That was exciting! I didn't birth him, but he was my baby.
He was ours forever.
He was loved, by his birthmom and by us. She mourned while we rejoiced. We loved her and hurt for her before we even met her.
Adoption has taught us so much. There's no way to measure it.
And what a good time for us to reflect, during Easter season, how we have been adopted.
If you know Christ as your Savior, you are adopted.
He chose us. He picked us up and made us His own. His very own, forever. There's nothing we can do to make Him love us less or be less a child of the King. Adoption is forever.
What Jesus did on the cross took all our sins for all time, and there's no backs.
Once you accept Christ's sacrifice, your sins are gone, forgiven, and you can't take them back.
In the same way, Justus is a Bacak forever. He couldn't do anything to be less a Bacak or make us love him less.
God is good! April 8th will always be a day to celebrate!
I can't imagine the Bacak family without Justus!? We would be missing a great deal of comic relief, for sure! We wouldn't be the Bacaks. We would be incomplete. Justus filled a hole in our family that only God could fill.
This family is SO thankful for adoption, in every way!
We are thankful for Kathleen, who loved Justus first and put his needs above her own.
We are thankful for New Life who does the hard and never-ending work of ministering to women, children, and families.
We are thankful most of all to our God, who adopted us, and blessed us with adoption in our family.
We are thankful for you, Justus Joseph Bacak!


The Mosiers said...

Happy Adoption Day Justus! We love you! We definitely couldn't imagine the Bacaks without you. You bring joy to our hearts!

Matt, Erin and Baby Cade

Hendrick Family said...

Happy Adoption Day Justus! You are such a special boy and we love, love, love you!

The Hendricks

Nichole said...

Yaay! Happy Adoption Day Justus! I love you!


Ricci said...

Happy Adoption Day, Justus! Thanks for letting us pretend to be pirates with you and for showing us how Mr. Roboto should be danced to!

Love, Josh and Ricci

Jodi said...

Happy Adoption Day Sweet Boy! Jodi loves you and still wishes I could hug you all time time! ;)

Anonymous said...

Love you Justus!! Happy Adoption day! I remember being there and celebrating such a WONDERFUL day with your family! They were and always are so thrilled that you are theirs :)

Feldman Family said...

Happy Adoption Day Justus!!! Maybe that is what Isaac was trying to say to you this morning when we couldn't understand him!
The Feldmans love you!!!

The Feldman Crew

Hope said...

This is such a beautiful post!

Happy (belated) adoption day!