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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Planet Earth"

Today we learned a little about taking care of our planet in the Bacak Academy.
Tonight we went to see "Planet Earth" at the movies. We love this show! It's unparalleled in footage of all kinds of nature. I think it's a must see for the whole family. I enjoyed it very much, minus the five bathroom trips required of my children and one two-year-old fit. If you were in the theater with us tonight, I apologize.
As I taught on Earth day this morning, we had a good discussion on WHY we ought to give a flip about Earth day and taking care of the earth. Even my kids can tell you, this is not our home! Our real home is in heaven. We're just passing through.
So why should we care about what we do with it while we're here?
The kids and I had a great discussion about being good stewards.
Good stewards of things that He's given us for a time, but not forever.
God blesses us with things that are good...

Like our bodies! While you may not feel grateful for yours, you should! The human body is amazing, as my husband often points out in the marvels of medicine, and a working body is a gift! We ought to be good stewards of the bodies He's given us.

Like our money. Our money and possessions have no eternal value. As the Bible points out, it all will collect moths and rust and we can't take it with us. But you better believe, He expects us to be good stewards of the money and things He's graciously given us.

Like our planet. Romans 1 tells us that God is made evident through His creation. Experiencing God's creation does make us feel closer to Him, keenly aware of Him and His magnitude, and His desire to bless us with good things we don't deserve. Think of the most beautiful place you've ever been in the world. Do you have that place in mind? For me it's Lake Louise in Canada. The mountains are amazing and the water of the lake is a color blue I've never seen in my life. I couldn't take my eyes off of the scenic view the whole time we were there. God didn't have to give us that. But I felt like He revealed to me another facet of His goodness by experiencing it.
Why wouldn't we take care of what He's given us?

I'll admit, the Bacaks could go greener. I would like to learn how to do more. But we do love to recycle, because it's so easy and we're doing SOMETHING.
I'm just wondering today, why does it seems that being a Christian and being environmentally conscious seems to be forever at odds? It seems like we ought to be the opposite. Is it because we care more about human life than animal life? Does that set us up on different sides of the fence?
Whatever it is, I just wonder if we could do more in good stewardship of our planet while we're here?
And let me tell you- I'm praying it's not much longer. I'm desperately longing for Jesus' return.

Those are my thoughts on this Earth Day. Happy Earth Day!
(My old computer is still crashed and I wrote this whole post having to stick a pencil into the period and comma keys to make them work- every single time! So I'm worn out now. If I haven't emailed you back it's because I'm just tired of sticking a pencil in my computer to make keys work- or trying to write an e-mail without using a period or a comma. I just can't ignore the rules of punctuation!)


Shannon Morrison said...

you may want to download sharpkeys if you'll be using the computer much. my little guy poured some water on my keyboard and i remapped the keys so i didn't have to replace the laptop keyboard (so pricey). it took some getting used to but now i have trouble typing on a regular keyboard! i just picked two rarely used keys (fn and one ctrl key) and they are my new b and n).

Anonymous said...

Good post. I think this is something that we definitely shouldn't be so afraid to discuss in Christian circles. I mean, there's a fine line between making this an idol and the end all be all and simply be good stewards and wise with the resources we have been given. I don't think that you have to hug one extreme or the other.

Also, Planet Earth is great! I got the DVD series sent to me when I was in Malawi, and I loved watching all of those. There is a cool segment on Lake Malawi too. If you guys are ever interested in using them for school or something, let me know and you can borrow it.

Cindy Seay said...

Great post, babe. The earth is the Lord's creation and we should be good stewards of His gifts.
It frustrates me that serve God and saving the planet are so at odds.
Thanks for your great words!!!