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Saturday, April 18, 2009


Dang lightning.
So we are postponing the race until 1pm due to the lightning. We figure it's probably not safe to run past a power plant while it's lightning. As long as it is not lightning, we will still have the race at 1pm, even if it rains.


Sydni said...

Mrs. jenn,
Thank you so much for putting this whole thing together! It was really worth it and i appreciate all the hard work you and Mr. Rusty put into it!
Sydni Freeman

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful race you guys put together! Thank you for all your hard work :) What a way to serve in such a big way! Loved getting to see you guys!

cristina said...

from the comments, i gather y'all ran! how great! looking forward to hearing more about it, and seeing pictures.

Emma, Georgia, Erica & Daniel said...

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