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Monday, July 23, 2007

Happy Birthday T-Bear!

This week is all about Treston!
A year ago thursday, our little T-Bear was born.
That boggles my mind, because a year ago we didn't know he existed. We were swimming and vacationing, eating sno-cones and ice cream, completely oblivious to the fact that the fourth Bacak child was coming into the world.
Our baby was born and we didn't know.
It wasn't until the week of Thanksgiving, four months later, that we got the call from New Life.
It started here...

After we told New Life YES, we got this picture from Treston's foster Mom, Lesa.
I remember, we were eating lunch, and got the e-mail, and just stood there in awe, both of us repeating "He's so beautiful!!!"
A piece of this story that I don't think I've shared is that a new standard had been passed for adoption agencies in Texas ruling that a family could not adopt from an agency where a relative is employed. Which means, because my Mom works for New Life, we would never be able to adopt from New Life again, come Jan. 1, 2007.
That effectively would shut the door for us for baby #4.
We got Treston on December 6, 2006.
Thank you God, for opening the door and bringing us our baby.

Treston had been in New Life foster care with an experienced and very loving foster family. They have a special love for Treston, and took amazing care of him during those months.
Treston has been with us as a foster-to-adopt baby for almost 8 months. He is not legally a Bacak yet, so we still need your prayers.
But we are certain that God planned for Treston to be in our family before time began, and has once again lavished his love on us by giving him to us.
He doesn't look like me, and he doesn't have my genes (which is fine with me...my DNA is not so superior.) But he is bone of my bone, and flesh of my flesh. God creates family, not genetics. This sweet baby was born to me a year ago, before I even knew him.
I grieve the months I lost with him. I grieve that I did not carry him in my own warm and safe womb. But I am mostly filled with joy as I look forward to growing him up to love and serve the Lord within the warm and safe cocoon of this family.
Look at this beatiful boy!!!

So this week is all about Treston! We are celebrating Treston like crazy this first birthday. I hope the adoption celebration will follow closely behind, and it will be sweet!
Happy Birthday my beautiful boy. You have filled a hole in this family we didn't know was there. Your smile, your laughter, even your cry make this home what it should be. Emma, Jax, Justus, your Daddy, and I adore and love you.


Karen said...

A beautiful, precious addition to the amazing Bacak family! I love watching your family live the life you were made for! Thanks for being such an amazing example to all those around you! And happy birthday sweet little Treston! May you spend many more in the Bacak house surrounded by love!!!

Garratts said...

What a beautiful and sweet baby. And an amazing story.

We are praying for the adoption.



bekah said...


Thank you for sharing what the Lord is Sovereignly doing in your life.

I love that as a college student... I mean adult... you have shown us what faith looks like in the adoption process and elsewhere in your lives.
I love that we get to see your lives.

Happy Birthday sweet boy.

You are such a good baby, and you have THE cutest smile ever with those tiny little teeth.

Liz said...

that is one of the cutest babies ever!
we are praying that he officially becomes part of the family soon.
see you at his party!

The Roberts said...

i just love his new teeth!!

is there an organization like the one you have adopted from in san antonio? i would love to work for a christian adoption organization! if you know of anything let me know!

the groves said...

what an adorable little boy! he is growing very fast.

Katy said...

Oh my goodness how I miss College Station and your sweet family. Treston has grown soooooo much. And he is as cute as ever. Tell him Happy Birthday from me!!!

Also I thought of ya'll the other day. I am teaching swim lessons until I start teaching in the fall and there is this beautiful little boy that I teach that reminds me soooooo much of Justus. His name is Jayden and is the same beautiful brown color as Justus. It makes me miss you guys. Hope ya'll are doing well. Hopefully I'll have a visit to College Station/Living Hope sooner than later.


Hendrick Family said...

Happy Birthday! He is so beautiful and his story just as gorgeous.

God is good.

Melodi said...

Happy Birthday, Treston!!!!!! We all love you and your family very much. I'm so thankful God created you as part of the Bacak Nation. Praying for your adoption!

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Happy Birthday Treston.

So beautiful and such an example of Gods abundant love!!!

nancy said...

and Thank You God that his birth mother cared enough to carry him to term and place him where he could grow and blossom.

Lindsay said...

Okay, he is SO cute! What color are his eyes? They look really light in one of the pictures. What an amazing story! Happy Birthday Tresten!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy! Andrew and I love you!

The Crawfords!

Jennifer Bacak said...

I know, don't his eyes look stunning in that picture? But no, they are not blue or green, they are light brown (beautiful!) and they are reflecting the light in that picture. We were actually at the beach. Carissa took that one. Good pic, Carissa!

Jon, Sally, & Jude said...

Happy Birthday Treston!!!
You've helped teach our family so much!

Lesa said...

Treston, my sweet little boy. Happy Birthday to you. We miss you so much, and wish that you lived close enough where we could just jump in the car and see you. Tears stream down my face as I write this, because you were such a part of our lives for 4 months. I cherish the special times we had rocking you, camping, baseball games and everything else we did. I often think about the numerous concerns we had about you - are you eating enough, why aren't you smiling or talking yet, where are you going to live next month. It's obvious that God handled all of those things in His timing. You obviously eat enough, everyone talks about your amazing smiles (that came when my concern was very high) and we pray that you will become a legal members of the Bacak family through adoption. We know that you are already a member of the Bacak family in their hearts because I think your mom held you about 3 minutes before she said, "okay, we're bonded now". New Life staff frequently reminds me that God is in control, and we are here to do what God calls us to do. God has called our family to provide foster care, so that's what we do. In 10 years of foster care, you were the 30th infant to come through our doors. While every child is met with love, you earned a special place that will remain in our hearts forever.

To the Bacak family - thank you for hearing God's call. Thank you for accepting Treston as your son. I may have tears of sadness because I miss him, but I also have joy in my heart to know that he is with a wonderful family.
Love you,
John, Lesa, Rachel, Kyle, Jacob and Emma