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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My New Favorite Thing

Cherry Coke Zero. I love it.
Rusty likes the Vanilla.
It rocks.


Liz said...

thats funny...i was craving cherry coke today.
no idea why?
i was just thinking how fun it would be to add cherry syrup to a coke and a real cherry too...like sonic.
well, since you brought it up...i will be expecting you and rusty to bring some to the independence party tomorrow!
its gonna be fun- although rainy (i've heard)!

Brooke said...

amazingly enough.... coke zero has made it's way to thailand. HOWEVER, somewhere along the way it lost it's cherry or vanilla flavor. boo.

i wonder what it would take to convince coca-cola that flavored cokes would sell in this asian country. hhmmm... i'll work on that.

nancy said...

I really like Coke Zero. Not the cherry - i don't do cherries. ick. the vanilla is good though. it sorta has a kick or buzz to it. not sure why. not sure if that is good.

bekah said...

3 words:

Fountain Cherry Coke.

The diet is pretty good too.

In Germany they call it Coke-lite.

The Roberts said...

it does rock. yumm. nothing like a zero-calorie beverage that doesnt taste like poo!

Beth said...

I normally never allow anything "Pepsi" in my home as I'm a diehard Diet Coke fan (caffeine free after 4pm), but lately I've been drinking Diet Pepsi Maxx. We used to get Pepsi Max (no sugar) in England, and they sold it here in the States for awhile. It tastes the same so I wonder if it's just been remarketed. It's yummy, none the less.


Jennifer Bacak said...

Ooh, good tip, because I like Pepsi!

aggie07 said...

I love Sprite zero. It isn't as harsh as normal sprite and is yummy!

LD said...

I couldn't help but notice that your brother posted a video featuring my favorite fireworks (see my post about them here: http://thelandofld.blogspot.com/2006/12/thats-tagtastic.html). I knew I liked your family :)

Melodi said...

Coke Zero is my best friend. I have an "in" at Sonic, so I asked the owner to start carrying Coke Zero. He laughed at me. I don't think that was a yes.