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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"Oh Simmer My Timbers"

I love this boy.
He's in a pirate phase.
He had a pirate birthday party, and got every pirate paraphanalia there is.
He has swords that make clanking noises, swords that talk, tattoos, and pirate teeth.
Best of all, he has a pirate song.
He sings it all the time, and many times because I'm yelling "again, again!" I clap and laugh every time. It's so great! It starts "Oh, Shiver my timbers" but he says:

"Oh Simmer my Timbers"
(how cute is that)
"Simmer my So
Yo, ho de oh
When you sail the ship 'cross the ocean sea
Lots of treasure that's filled with gold!
(no, it doesn't rhyme, Jax style)
Hoo-do-wok-uh Hoo-do-wok-uh
Oh Simmer my Timbers, Simmer my So!
Yo, ho de oh"

This is my new favorite song, when sung by my Jax of course. He could not be cuter! He got this song off of "Muppets Treasure Island" movie.
Check out the pirate underwear he's sporting too. Pretty awesome.
He likes to show them off, so if you see Jax, and he's wearing them, many people can attest to this fact...he may pull down his pants to show you his cool, pirate underwear.
He's the best.
Next time you see him, request the song. He just might oblige.


Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Totally love the costume and I can't wait to hear the song Jax!!

The Kramer Family said...

That is too precious. He cracks me up. I must hear this song.


The Mosiers said...

I love this little pirate!! We must learn this song so we can sing it at the beach!

aggie07 said...

I love this kid!!! And you are right, this song IS the greatest!!

Liz said...

tell jax that ethan is going to call him tonight so he can hear it on the phone!
i don't think i can do the song justice..
way funny!
aunt liz

The Vann's said...

So cute!!! We love you pirate Jax!!

Hendrick Family said...

I could just squeeze the poop deck out of that kid.

Love those undies!


Lindsay said...

Hey Jenn, it's Lindsay, Susan's daughter (from NLCS). Wanted to say hi in blogger land. My son Sam is in a pirate phase too, but hasn't come up with a cute little song! We are in to the costumes and underware!

Jennifer Bacak said...

Hey Lindsay!
I just looked at your blog, and saw the cute pics of your family. Great to bump into you in blog world...I saw you had my friend Heather's blog linked on yours...that's so funny! This blog world gets smaller all the time.
Great to hear from you! Your family is beautiful!

Lindsay said...

Thanks! I found Heather's blog through a friend of a friends blog (loved that 7 day challenge) and ran into yours through hers! I found yours a few weeks ago, read through it and kept thinking you sounded and looked so familiar to me. It took your links to Robbie and Brian's sites for me to put it together that it was you. Crazy!

Karen said...

Oh what a handsome little pirate! Argh! Love this little cutie!

Cindy Seay said...

I can't wait to hear the song from the cutest pirate ever! Hey, babe, why don't you video the song so I can add it to the Grandkids 07 video? No more guilt, right?
You are a super mom - video or not?
I love you,

Melodi said...

I demand a video of the song!!!!!

the Apels said...

I want a video, too! Jax is so darn cute! Send him our love!


Jon, Sally, & Jude said...

I miss you!
And your little ones!

Jennifer Bacak said...

I would love to put a video up!!! But I think our video camera is too outdated to do this. But it still works, so we're not getting a new one anytime soon.
Maybe I can use one of y'all's cool awesome video cameras from this decade to do that.

Bricker said...

I've spent some time with Jax while helping out in Zach's room. Jax is a WILD MAN. And I mean that in the best possible way.