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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Mother Guilt...

I've decided to stop being the worst Mom ever!
The Mother Guilt...
it's powerful...
it's far-reaching...
it can pop up when you least expect it.
I haven't videoed my kids very much lately.
Emma and Jax, yes, Justus and Treston, no.
(Keep in mind I have a jillion pictures of them, and they are scrapbooked too!)
You've heard this story before. Parents get too busy, the video camera "breaks", the dog ate your video tapes...it's every parents' sad story.
And every child (who is not a first child's) martyr cross to bear.
"Let's give em' something to whine about"... (sung to Bonnie Raitt's tune.)
Well, I'm trying to give them less to hate me for later in life.
You know, cut their therapy bills in half.
So I'm picking up the video camera. I'm capturing the moments. I'm trying to avoid the mother guilt.
Who needs it? I don't.
I have enough trouble sleeping at night.


Garratts said...

I know the feeling. I went to video the kids the other day and the last date that came up for filming was

JUNE of 06.

Talk about terrible mom. Oh the guilt.

aggie07 said...

LOL!! That is funny. But you should definately be catching such a wonderful time in the lives of such amazing kids. As for being the worst mom ever, you KNOW what I think about that!! :)