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Monday, July 30, 2007

My Own Man Vs. Wild

Have you seen this show?
This is my husband's favorite new show.
He told me he "wants to be him."
This guy is surely going to die very soon.
It's crazy what he does!
I personally enjoy the show, because I enjoy hearing him talk. He has a British accent, and I could listen to it all day. I just have to close my eyes when he eats raw zebra, and my husband is saying "What did he say???"
He things people with any foreign accent are completely unintelligible.
I remember going to see a lovely British film with him early in our marriage...I was loving it! And 20 min. into it, I look over at him, with this puzzled look on his face, and he whispers to me "I have no idea what they've been saying for the past 20 min.!"
I love my own personal Wild Man!
Sometimes I wonder how I'll survive with the sheer amount of testosterone that courses through this house, with a husband and three boys. (Plus a daughter who is pretty darn wild herself. She would ABSOLUTELY go on a wild adventure with her Daddy!)
Check this show out on Discovery channel if you haven't already.


CarpioFamily said...

We are also big fans of man vs. wild. Easton walks around saying " Watch, learn, survive" all the time. We all sit and watch it together. I can't tell you the many times Easton's asked if we are going to eat a snake. He's even told the neighbors (after they just killed a snake) that they could eat it, they just had to put a stick on it and cook it. He's always asking if were going to the same place Bear is, As if he thinks he could shimmy himself down a mountain too.

Oh how i love my Boys!

bacaks said...

Awesome show! One of my personal favorites as well. Must be in the sibling genes. Shelby tries to put it all in perspective by reminding me that the camera man is obviously not "roughing it". I know the camera guy is probably eating a Snickers bar when my hero is surving on grubs and beetles, but I'm okay with it. Man vs. Wild rocks!


Bricker said...

Grubs aren't bad. Just remember to quickly swallow; no chewing. Really.