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Friday, July 27, 2007

Meet The Godparents

I told you this week was all about Treston, right?
So let me introduce you to the godparents.

We have selected godparents for each of our children to be special people in their lives, and to pray for them. Traditionally, godparents are to help ensure the religious upbringing of the child. We have chosen these two godly couples to pray like crazy for Treston, encourage him in his walk with the Lord, and encourage us to raise him to know and love the Lord.
Both of these couples have been in our HOPE group, have been dear to us, and were here to welcome Treston into our home. We couldn't decide between them, so since they're best friends, we asked them all!
So here they are in alphabetical order, left to right...

The Mosiers! They were just married a month ago! Check out their blog!Erin & Matt both recently graduated. Matt is starting grad school soon in Meteorology, which is probably why Rusty loves them! Ha! Erin graduated with a degree in Education, and will be working for us this year! She is going to help me school the children in the mornings, and will work in Rusty's office in the afternoons. We couldn't be more excited about this! They are both from Waco. These two love our kids, and are very dear to us!

The Vanns! You can check out their new blog also! (Both the Mosiers and Vanns wrote posts recently about Treston.)Nick & Carissa have been in our HOPE group also, and Carissa has been working in our office this past semester. She's one of the beautiful ladies in the front office. They are both recently graduated as well, and are moving to Sugar Land soon to start new jobs. We are going to miss them, but thankfully, they won't be too far away. Nick & Carissa have beautiful hearts for missions, and we can't wait to see what God is going to do with their family in the future.

Thank you, guys, for loving Treston so much! And thank you for being people of prayer that have committed to lift him up! We love you!!!

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The Mosiers said...

Those people look really awesome. I wonder what they're like in person....